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Active Care Atlanta


Generating positive word of mouth is one of the most sought after business phenomenons. This, in fact, is how we came to know the awesome team at Active Care Atlanta. We were referred to them by a friend.

Dr. Lee and the team here already do so many positive things that the challenge here was how to incorporate all of the good things they have going on in their digital strategy.


  1. Site Design that conveys all of the business verticals.
  2. Integrate existing physical marketing activities with a digital strategy.
  3. Provide a platform that the team at ACA can use to handle their own content creation.
Plan of execution
  • Create a design that jumps right into the services that ACA is trying to highlight right from the home page.
  • Social integration to promote consumer engagement.
  • Blog for content marketing


Not only did the project come out fantastic but what is more fantastic is the way that the team at Active Care Atlanta has continued to maintain their project and produce new content after the project was delivered.

If you want to find out more about how to form a stratagy for marketing your own business then get in touch and let's chat.