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Duluth Diner


Sometimes, when you take on a new project or a new client, you're tasked with creating a positive perception and generating sales for a product which itself is just average. That makes things doubly hard because not only do you have to make something beautiful, but you have to overcome any thoughts of negativity that are already associated with that thing.

When we took on the project with Duluth Diner though, that could not have been further from the case. Bottom line, Duluth Diner is a great restaurant with a great vibe. From the start of this project, they have so many good things going for them already that our only task was clear: to get the word out.

Our Strategy

After meeting with the owner and discussing what his business goals are.

Known issues

The previous version of the site has a few direct issues that we decided to tackle first. These were:

  • Downloadable menu - no actual menu indexable by search engines.

  • Lack of calls to action - The site shows off some nice pictures of the food, but doesn't do much in the way of directing the uses to take any kind of action.

  • Clear focus - the previous version of the site was mostly brochureware with not a clear vision. While functioning and doing it's job, it doesn't really have a goal other than presenting general info for users.

Our solutions

Our top priority was to promote consumer engagement. In order to do that, the first thing we needed to do was drive more customers to the site. Once we get them there, we want to center the entire experience around the food and drive them to the menu.

Here's how we did this:

  1. Multiple calls to action centered around a gorgeous home page. The top banner features all of the daily specials, with big, gorgeous pictures and links right to each special.

  2. The calls to action below drop the user right into pages for each of the main initiatives that the owner aiming to get more awareness for. Once there we continue the process of funneling the user to and end goal.

  3. Search Engine Overhaul: All of the site is now scannable by search engines.

  4. Customized Tooling: The admin and analytics have been overhauled to be self managed by the client effectively transforming this site from a brochure about the business to a powerful tool to generate new business and concisely track how these efforts are progressing.


If you would like to hear more about this process or would like to chat about your own business challenges then give us a call and let's see what we can do together.